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Draft booking contract

Issue Issue 0918-1

Please read carefully before booking and if you have any questions please ask us. On receipt of your booking we will send you a copy of this contract for completion and return - it will form the contract between us.

In this contract the terms Hirer, Renter, You, Your and Tenantare synonymous and refers to the person or persons signing this contract on page 5. The terms Owner Our and Weare synonymous and refers to the legal Owner(s) of the rental Property. The terms Letting and Rentalare synonymous and refers to the period of rental of the Property. The terms Damage Deposit, Security Deposit and Bond are synonymous. The terms Villa and Propertyare synonymous.

1. The Owner will not accept liability for any act, neglect or default on the part of any person, nor any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience whether to person or property which the Tenant or any other person may suffer or incur arising out of or in any way connected with the letting or resulting from any other cause whatsoever. We advise you to arrange your own insurance to cover yourselves and your personal belongings whilst staying at the Property.

Force Majeure
The Owners cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by, or you otherwise suffer any damage or loss as a result of, “force majeure”. In this Rental Contract, “force majeure” means any event which the Owner or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, actual or threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire, loss of services or utilities and all similar events outside our control.

2. If the booking is made within six weeks of the letting the whole of the rental payment, which includes 15%(or as quoted)) non-refundable deposit, is to be paid at time of booking (see clause 11 payment options).

3. If the booking is made prior to six weeks before the letting a non-refundable deposit of 15% of the total rental sum is to be paid at time of booking. The remaining balance of the rental sum is then due six weeks prior to the letting.

4. If a cancellation is requested more than six weeks in advance of the letting the balance of any monies paid, less the non-refundable deposit, will be returned to the Tenant.
If a cancellation is requested between six weeks and three weeks prior to the letting, the Owner will retain the non-refundable rental deposit and also reserves the right to retain the balance of the rental or part thereof, should it not be possible to re-let the Property for the rental period. Cancellation will not be accepted less than three weeks prior to the letting i.e. no monies will be refunded except in very exceptional circumstances at the Owners discretion.

4a. If the rental is the subject of a “late booking offer” or any discount offer, the non refundable deposit is calculated at 15% of the normal prevailing price i.e. any discount offered is deducted from the remaining fee.

5. The number of people occupying the Property may not exceed the number specified on this booking contract, which in any event is limited to a maximum of 14. If you decide you would like to add additional people to the booking, the Owner will need to re-issue the booking contract and possibly adjust the price (depending on whether or not the original booking was subject to a non standard rate or special deal based on low occupation).

6. The Tenant agrees to keep the Property and all fittings, furniture equipment and other contents in or on the Property in a like state of repair and condition as at the commencement of the letting and will notify the management company immediately of any damage, breakage, or loss etc., so that it can be made good prior to the arrival of the next Tenant.

7. Unless otherwise stated, the Rental of the Property includes, water rates, insurance of the Property (building only) and electricity. The Property is equipped with crockery, cutlery, sheets, blankets and adequate cleaning equipment, linen and towels (not to be used as beach towels!).

8. Lettings are by the day from 4pm on the date of arrival to 10am on the date of departure. The time lapse is to enable the Property to be inspected and cleaned in between lets to ensure everything is in good order for the next Tenant. Please note that should the Property, furniture or fittings be damaged to such extent that the next incoming Tenant has to be cancelled or moved to another Property, the Owners will seek compensation for loss of income in addition to any other Security Deposit deduction from the Tenant.

9. The Tenant agrees NOT to smoke, nor to allow smoking, inside the Property at any time (pool area is classed as external). If this is not strictly adhered to it will be detected and lead to a deduction from your Security Deposit to cover the cost of deodorising treatments.

9a. The Tenant agrees NOT to bring Pets of any kind on holiday with them and not to allow any animal into the Villa with the exception of a registered guide dog for the blind - proof of registration will be required on booking.

10. The Tenant agrees to leave the Property clean and tidy and to ensure that they take all belongings with them. We rely upon the goodwill of our guests whose co-operation we greatly appreciate. Should the Property be left in a poor condition, requiring a more intensive than normal cleaning, then this will be charged at the going rate to the Tenants Security Deposit account. Our management company will take an inventory immediately after departure and the Owners reserve the right to charge replacement cost of any shortages/breakages or damage to the Tenants Security Deposit account.

10a. The Tenant agrees to notify the management company immediately on arrival if the Tenant discovers damage to the Property or its contents or if there is any aspect of the Property that does not meet the Tenants expectations. It is in the Tenants interest to inspect the Property throughout on arrival as complains made after the start of the hire period will not be entertained and any such damage or loss will be deemed to have been caused by the Tenant.

10b. If the Tenant accidentally damages the Property or contents the Tenant agrees to inform the management company immediately. Prompt action will minimise or in many cases negate a charge being made to the Tenant and also ensures that any such damage or loss can be put right before arrival of the next Tenant thus removing the possibility of costs relating to compensation of the next Tenant being incurred and passed on to you the Tenant.

10c. The Villa is fitted with internet remote control systems for the air conditioning and other equipment - the Tenant agrees not to interfere in any way with the internet router or thermostat equipment in the Villa – should tampering occur which results in loss of control of the equipment, a charge will be made to your Security Deposit account for technicians time and costs – this can be a significant cost so please do not interfere with equipment.

10d. The tenant shall not disable the pool door alarms under any circumstance - it is an offence under Florida law to tamper with them and can result in a very large fine - it does also carry a potential jail sentence

10e  BBQ's -The Tenant shall not operate BBQ grills within the lanai area whether rented or complementary and the Tenant operates such equipment entirely at their own risk. Grills can present a significant fire hazard and risk to the Tenant and the property.

11 Payment options - As an alternative to payment by cheque, we will accept Credit Card payments or payments by BACS/Wire or by PayPal or a mixture of all four. We will also accept periodic partial payments as long as the totals due are paid by the due dates.

Damage / Security Deposit -
Non UK residents - a Damage Deposit of £250.00 or $350 will be required with final payment ** .

UK residents - A damage Deposit of £250 GBP - we will accept valid Debit Card details in lieu of a Damage Deposit We will accept your credit card details for the purpose of charging any damages to your card if an unsatisfactory departure report is received from our management company - alternatively you may pay the Damage / Security Deposit with final payment **.

** The above does not limit any charge for loss or damage - the total cost of any damage or loss to the Property will be sought from the Tenant and in the case of two or more families sharing they will each have a joint and several liability. (please note if two or more families sharing, multiple signatures are required, one from the head of each family).

Damage / Security Deposits paid will be refunded in full within 7 days of departure subject to a satisfactory departure report from our management company.

12. The Owners reserve the right to change the furnishings and content of the Villa at their discretion and at any time prior to the arrival of the Tenant without prior notice to the Tenant – any changes made will generally be intended to enhance the experience of the Tenant. The Owners also reserve the right to dispose of the Property at their total discretion without prior notice to the Tenant. Any such orderly disposal shall require the new Owner to honour this contract and provide all of the services agreed herein. In the unlikely event of a non orderly disposal such as re-possesion of the property, the Owners will refund all deposit monies paid for the rental to the tenant.

12a This contract relates solely to rental of the Villa and the Owner accepts no liability for failures or events connected with the external environment or resort or loss of services over which the Owner has no direct control.

13. Payment of all or part of the rental charge or acceptance of the Property from the Owner will be deemed an acceptance of these our standard terms and conditions.

Your Details

Please check the detail below carefully, to ensure that we have interpreted your requirements accurately and notify us immediately if there is any discrepancy.

HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION - Sunset Place, Aviana, Davenport - Booking Reference :  - - - - - - - 

PLEASE NOTE: This booking is subject to our standard conditions above and must be accompanied by the appropriate deposit, unless the booking is made within six weeks of the commencement of the letting, when the total rental should be enclosed.

Please return the whole document, initialled on each page and signed below, to the address at the top of this contract.

TENANT NAMES: …Mr/Mrs/Ms Mrs     - - - - - - - -

ADDRESS:  - - - - - -

Contact details:
Home Tel  - - - - - -
Office/Mob Tel  - - - - - -
E-mail:  - - - - - -

Total number of persons in party     - -    (Max 12)     Adults    - -    Children -  - 

Names of persons in party:  - - - - - -

For the following dates
Arrive      - - - - - - -  after 4pm (- - - nights)
Depart    - - - - - - -  before 10am

Arrival Airport (ie Orlando MCO)_Orlando MCO  - - - - 

Flight arrival time (if known) - - - - - Flight departure time (if known) - - - - - - - 

Method of transport from airport - - - - - - 

Contact mobile number when in Florida (if available)  - - - - - - -
Credit Card details for for rental payment - see clause 11

Card Type   - - - - - - - -  Card number   - - - - - - - -  Expiry Date - - - - -  CSV - - - -

Issue number and start date (if Switch or Maestro only  - - - -

credit card name and address if different to the Tenant Name given above - - - - - -

Pool Heat IS/ IS NOT included /Required 

Rental Payments – see note below on dual currency *

    Details of your booking dates and prices appear here ..

    I prefer to pay the rental amounts indicated above by Credit/Debit Card - please take from the card detailed above as and when they become due (deposit immediately, remainder 6 weeks prior to arrival).
    I prefer to pay the rental amounts above by BACS/Wire Transfer and will transfer the amounts to your account by the due dates and will notify you when each transaction is made – Please contact me with receiving bank details.
(note wire transfers incur an additional $25 bank fee)
    I prefer to pay the rental amounts above by PayPal and will send the amounts by the due dates using the appropriate PayPal button on LVD's secure "make a payment" page  and will include the damage/loss Bond referred to in clause 11 if credit card details are not provided.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Dual Currency Quotations

Where we have quoted a USD price and a national currency price e.g. Euro or GBP the national currency will have been calculated at the exchange rate to US dollars on the day of quotation – that exchange rate is the minimum rate to which the exchange rate may fall at time of payment before invoking the USD price. At the time of any payment, should the exchange rate on that day be below the rate on the day of quotation, referred to as the minimum rate, then the USD rate shall apply and will be converted to the national currency at the rate determined by your credit card provider. You may bring forward payments to take advantage of exchange rate fluctuations by requesting us to take payment at a specific date.

I / we have read the Terms and Conditions above and accept them; I / we am / are over 21 years of age and accept that my/our booking is for the holiday period stated above, the dates being inclusive arrival and departure dates. I / we accept joint and several liability for any loss breakage or damage to the Property or it’s contents and will vacate the Property at the conclusion of the rental period detailed above as agreed.

Head of Family 1

Residential address ............................................................................

Head of Family 2

Residential address ............................................................................

Head of Family 3

Residential address ............................................................................

IMPORTANT - Please note our Villas are NO SMOKING and NO PET Villas for the convenience of our guests who may have allergies.

Note: If you would rather not mail credit card details with this form, you can either phone through card details to +44 1953 604411 or alternatively submit card details on LVD's secure web page at "make payment" button You will need to use the booking reference provided in the email with this form or noted above.

Florida is a relatively safe and exiting destination, however, as with all foreign holidays, we strongly advise you to take out adequate holiday insurance and draw your attention again to clause 1 of these conditions.
If you need any further information on the Property or facilities please do not hesitate to contact us. Please return this form as quickly as possible to confirm your booking.